Cash for Cars in Wilmington

If you have an old, damaged, or broken-down car that is taking up space on your property, get rid of it once and for all––and be paid for it!

ABC Towing/Cash 4 Junk Cars will purchase your unwanted vehicle and offer you a highly competitive and reasonable rate. We will then tow your car to our junkyard facility free of charge. Our company accepts vehicles of any model, condition, or age.

Get rid of your rusty junk car and be compensated in cash––on the spot.

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Faster, Simpler, Smarter—Cash for Junk Cars

We opened our doors with a mission in mind: to offer a simpler, faster, and smarter way to get rid of your old cars. In the past, vehicle sellers had far too few options, many of which were inconvenient and wasteful. All too often, they were forced either to sell their vehicle for a low price or to let their car waste away on their property.

We strive to fill that gap. We meet the local demand for a fair, honest, and convenient car scrapping service. We’re changing the face of our industry. One car at a time.

Our process looks like this:

  1. You Contact Us—Start by calling us. We’ll take down your details and provide the soonest available appointment time. We’ll also be happy to provide a free over-the-phone estimate for your vehicle.
  2. We Come to You—At the time of your appointment, a friendly member of our staff will arrive at your location and perform a routine assessment so that we can determine the value of your vehicle.
  3. Free Offer—Once we’ve assessed your vehicle, we’ll provide you with a free on-the-spot offer for the car. There’s no obligation to accept the offer. You’re free to walk away. That said, our offers are highly competitive, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth with us.
  4. We Pay in Cash—After you accept the offer and we receive the title for the vehicle, we’ll pay you in cash. If you have the documents ready, it’s a simple, on-the-spot transaction. Couldn’t be easier.
  5. We Tow the Vehicle—Once we’ve paid you out, we’re ready to take the reins from here. We’ll tow your vehicle off your property and back to our specialized salvage facility. Best of all, we’ll tow it for free.

The Benefits of Our Scrap Car Sales


Our sales are lightning-fast. All we need to process yours is your vehicle ownership documents. Provided you have those, we’ll buy your car right then and there at your location. If you’re ready to go, we’re ready to go. Get that scrap of a vehicle off your lawn and that cash in your hand—all in a minimal amount of time.

Less Stress

We take the stress of selling your vehicle off your shoulders. You get a free, no-obligation offer, and you’re free to take it or leave it. What’s more, you don’t have to lift a finger. Forget about cleaning your car or having to haul it away. We’ll buy it—no matter the condition—and we’ll tow it away for free.

More Money for You

We maintain a competitive pricing policy designed to be fair, reasonable, and honest. Our existing clients have consistently appreciated how much we’re willing to give them for their scrap vehicle. After all, we’re a small local business, and we depend on your satisfaction. A company by the community, for the community: That’s business done right.

Get Cash for Cars of Any Age or Condition

After you have gotten a long life out of a beloved car, you may be unsure what to do with it. At a certain point, maintenance or repairs simply aren’t worth the expense. Once driven off the lot, your vehicle decreases in value. As a result, most of your car’s worth will be contained in its components and parts.

At ABC Towing/Cash 4 Junk Cars our specialty is recycling and disassembling scrap cars. We proudly recycle a significant majority of car parts and emphasize environmental sustainability in our activities. We can completely dismantle junk cars, offering highly reasonable rates in exchange.

Our approach to customer service includes:

  • Prompt Availabilities
  • Free Towing to Our Junkyard
  • On-The-Spot Cash Payments

We are also pleased to offer free estimates for our services!

Give us a call today to learn more.

Car Recycling and Dismantling of Up to 95% of Vehicle Components

Our junkyard is equipped to serve a wide range of vehicles. We accept all models, both domestic and foreign, in any age or condition. Running, damaged, or even broken-down vehicles will be accepted, as well as cars with missing parts. In addition to cars, we also purchase small trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

We accept vehicles titles from all states. Arriving at your location with our towing equipment, we swiftly remove your junk car free of charge. Your car will then be taken to our scrapyard to be salvaged and dismantled.

In no time, your old car will be gone from your mind, and you’ll have the cash to prove it!

Well-Equipped Scrapyard Operated by Experienced, Knowledgeable Staff

We have been providing our cash for car services in the Wilmington area for a number of years. Our service has proved a highly dependable way to safely and sustainably get rid of vehicles.

Our team is fully licensed and bonded for our services and have gained a reputation for our great compensation rates and rapid towing. If you have a junk car on your property, you can count on us to get rid of it.

Receive Compensation for Your Junk Car Today

If you are ready to part ways with your junk car, look no further than the experts at ABC Towing/Cash 4 Junk Cars.

We guarantee to offer you the most reasonable rate for your used car, remove it swiftly, and dismantle it sustainably!

Contact us today to learn more or to request your free quote.